Superlatives Relating to Spin Coupling

26 October 2014

A common theme in the News stories selected for this section, and in the commentary and analysis which comes with them is applicability to novel forms of energy and a more basic common denominator is spin. The more exotic of these novel forms involves hydrogen - in physical states

New Waves for the Rossi Effect

14 October 2014

The long awaited test report of the latest E-Cat reactor of Andrea Rossi was released last week. Entitled Observation of Abundant Heat Production from a Reactor Device and of Isotopic Changes in the Fuel By Giuseppe Levi et al, it was seen as a "glowing" success by many and a disappointment by others. The most amazing detail is in the isotopic changes, which were a huge surprise.

Perovskite, the Miracle Matrix

07 October 2014

A recent headline in Scientific American magazine, and a number of other News outlets is typical of a growing chorus... even if its name is not harmonious to the ear. New Solar Cells Use Perovskite to Turn Water into Energy

Epicatalysis, Supra-chemistry and the Dynamical Casimir Effect

01 October 2014

"Epicatalysis" is both new and old. It may be another whisper of an upcoming paradigm-shift in our view of thermodynamics, and it can be related to anomalous thermal gain in metal hydrides. Epicatalysis can be labeled as a subset of "supra-chemistry", a controversial segment of the field where reactions purportedly can cycle back and forth, with net gain or net loss over time ... providing, of course, there is a hidden or non-obvious source of energy, even ambient heat or particularly a "dynamical" Casimir effect. The News begins here:

The Coler Devices

29 September 2014

The Inventions of Willi von Unruh and Hans Coler. You may download the PDF for your own use. There is a download link at the bottom left of the page. You may not re-post it or publish it anywhere else -- please refer back to this page. You can contact the author, Cyril Smith via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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