These pages reveal some of the wealth of information Chava has relating to Hydrogen and proton-electron energy systems. As we find it appropriate we will update public information relating to hydrogen and single proton/electron interactions with respect to: Ni-NiCu alloy and other catalyst systems including nano carbon, graphene (c2), nano diamond(c3), CNT (Carbon Nano Tube), nano-Nickel, oxidation reduction, thermal heat flow (radiation, forced and natural convection, conduction), electrolysis, gamma radiation, photolysis, spectroscopy and f/H (fractional Hydrogen).

    Interest in Hydrogen based energy systems has been fueled by claims by Defkalion and Adrea Rossi over the past two years (2011-2012). These claims for excess energy from Cold Fusion - LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) catalyzed by Ni based catalysts have gone  unfounded  to  date. However  the  Cold  Fusion/LENR research in academic institutions has resulted in the slow and careful advancement expected of any peer reviewed scientific area... culminating with some apparently solid demonstrations this past year...

   The Italian researcher Francesco Celani demonstrated an excess heat output of approximately 12W (input heating power = 48W, total output power 60W) at NIWeek and again at ICCF17. The 12W of excess thermal energy was from a 105cm length of NiCu (Isotan) alloy wire just 0.2mm dia. The power densities for the excess energy are therefore potentially commercially viable at: 363.8 W/cc and 1.8 w/cm2

     Given the renewed interest afforded to the area by Celani's successful demonstrations there are a number of replication efforts around the world including one highly public open source project, Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

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