This is an extraordinary site because we are an extraordinary company. But, you won't find us disclosing or promoting proprietary information here. What you will find is a science site created by real people with the aim of educating and giving back to the world as much as we possibly can.

At Chava our primary mission is deliver technologies that create abundance for everyone. We are a commercial company. Our primary aim is to create radically new technologies for generating energy and energy applications... but not just to generate more wealth for the already wealthy. What the world needs now is revolutionary new energy technologies and applications that increase abundance for everyone.

In the spirit of our mission the Chava Science site is the personal work of some of our science team. It includes material relevant to our mission and to the lives of our people. As a company we support this and encourage our team to be as creative, productive and generous as possible. This site includes feature articles, circuit diagrams, data, educational material, software, news and research tools.

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It's a reminder of what we might lose if we don't act fast. Tropical islands are an idyll for most of us. They conjure up feelings of happiness, fresh clean living, health and abundance. Unfortunately many of our low lying pacific islands, like the Maldives, are already being inundated by ever higher tides as the ocean levels rise. Burning fossil fuels contributes to global warming and the rise of the oceans. The world needs radical new alternatives to the polluting and non-renewable petrochemicals we rely on now.

The image also reminds us that it's what you use energy for that matters – not the energy itself. Raw energy won't feed you or clothe you -- but you can use pure water, transport, lighting, heating, cooling etc. All these things require energy. What better reminder can we have that the real goal isn't cheaper energy for those that already have it – the goal is that everyone could make their environment as lush, clean and abundant as an idyllic tropical resort – forever.


We are constantly developing and testing new energy technologies that require a wide range of custom electrical and mechanical systems. The equipment and systems we develop often exceed the capabilities of anything readily available for laboratory research. This includes power, control, pulse, test and measurement systems.
Without giving away proprietary breakthroughs we are pleased to release information about our laboratory developments to the maximum extent possible. Some of this test gear has the potential to become products that could aid other developers. This is not a core focus for us, however, if you are interested please dont hesitate to contact us.


The terms "Free Energy" and "Overunity" have grown out of the amateur science explosion that the internet has helped to create. Unfortunately, the terms "Free Energy" and "Overunity" are as infamous as some of the rogues using them. In the context of solid science it's just not possible to create Free Energy out of nothing, and anyone trying to explain how they can get around Lenz law, or some other well established physical principal to create Free Energy is just flat out wrong.
But – we like the sound of Free Energy as much as anyone... and so we offer a definition of Free Energy as we see it...

Free Energy means energy that is freely available to everyone. Sunlight and wind are examples... but you could argue that oil and gas are free to anyone who can find them... which leads us to the next essential aspect of Free Energy.
Free Energy is inexhaustible, always available everywhere and it's clean. Unlike sunlight and the wind, Free Energy is always available no matter the time or place.
Free Energy is affordable for everyone because it is easy to harvest at any scale. It's not just for large industries in rich nations - it's available from miniature portable scale, to household, to mega industrial scales. So although it's not free - it is affordable for everyone at a much lower cost than any current energy source.
So – far from a fringe misconception Free Energy could be the best application of solid science, technology and great economics to solve the world's biggest problems. Free Energy will be the wisest advancement that human kind could make - as well as the most needed!


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